. I recently got into heads-up situation in Al’s NLHE tournament. I was out chipped better then 5 to 1 and the blinds had gotten big. Level XII: 300 Ante 1,000/2,000 Blinds (100 Minimum Chip) Average Stack: 75,000 (3,000 starting chips) Remaining Players: 2 (50 started) Seat 7 : OMaggie starts with 126,600 Seat 8 : RowdyZ starts with 24,200 I know some, Al included think you should take a chance with any two here. I disagree especially since I knew Maggie (following Al’s advice I am sure) would be over aggressive. Plus she had been extremely lucky so far this tournament and I think was riding that as well. Finally add in the fact she had been sayiing she had to leave and was going on P&F for at least 30 minutes I figured she was going to be pushing hard. Al thinks I am way to passive heads up and I sure he told her to keep attacking because I wouldn’t fight back. She stole my big blind several times showing down some really bad hands. But I knew she would over commit and I would be able to snap her off unless she got lucky and outdrew me. Some how even though I folded 8 of the hands I saw preflop I was able to draw very close in chips 68,000 to her 83,500 after just 13 hands. I played 3 big hands, I got my money in with best of it and my hands held up. Hand 14 I again got all my money in with best of it (preflop) A8 vs K9 and she spiked a K on the turn and beat me. That’s fine, that poker but I played the tournament my way and if my hand held up there I would have won it. Having a big stack is not an excuse to donk off chips playing sheriff and having a small stack is not a reason to panic, not when that big stack is just itching to give you their chips. Just something to think about. RZ