I have been playing poker for about 3 years. I started playing online when a friend of mine started playing. I was not very good in the begining and only understood a little about Texas Holdem as a whole.

I won a few Freerolls and made some money playing cash tables, but never anything substantial. I even won a few land based tourneys that were organised by my friends. These tourneys had between 8 and 20 players per tourney.

Only recently, have I started doing research, reading and studying the art/skill of Texas Holdem.

My game has improved, since I enrolled in the Poker School and followed the advice given in the tutorials. I still make the common mistakes, but I now know that thats what they are. MISTAKES.

My biggest improvement was today when I came 24th out of 10000 players. My previous best was 421st.

Thankyou PokerStars.