Looking to play a few Micro Millions Tourneys/Sunday Storm/16.50 tourneys (Mainly in the region of€10 buy in's) and would like to sell a % of my self to anyone interested. Been playing poker for around 5 years on and off with consistently moderate success at low stakes buy in cash and tourneys. Playing mostly cash atm and have spun up €10 to €410 atm with €45 in tourneys tickets which are outside my b.r to play 100% of mytself and also so vpps which I will use for storm sattys most likely of micro millions sattys for T$'s. 



My P5's and Sharkscope pages, not overly impressive but im playing well, winning consistently and have experience playing tourneys which will be worked upon closer to the Micro Millions when the time suits better. 

Anyone interested in buying a percentage let me know