Been a swingy week with continued below average play, still making same mistakes. College work being neglected so after this month going to attempt to not play til college finished or atleast cut down significantly maybe only as a break from study. I hav 330 fpp's to make by the end of the month to make gold status which I will get then take a break, got another stellar reward but after the last few I used up im down,  so going get back playing good and winning before I use/rely on this bonus. Played an few mtt's had a deep run in 1 22/6700 for $35 inc. k.o's lol but was very enjoyable played v. solid and ran prity good too . Im not sure wether I just enjoyed this because of amount of cash I played lately or because I felt I was playing good but nothing beats the buzz of a deep run! I recentley bought Colin Moshmans sng book and Harrington on hold 'em volume 1. When I come back playing and I have pkr traker 4 I hope to play sng's and maybe move to mtt's but im not 100% on this cash is always fun and so handy to play. Going to watch the coaching session by Pleno on poker strategy tomorrow http://www.******************/coaching/180334/ I would Highly recommend this to anyone interested in cash around the micros to mid stakes he's a sicko! I have a few hands to talk about but dissapointing really not my finest moments in some of them! I may have over played my hand or been a bit too optimistic but I could only really define villains hands as K,Q or a Flush and I know more often than not villain will check back K,Q on this river. So just a cooler here or? Decided to semi-bluff c.r the turn + was going to bluff any heart river too. Feel as though I would play a set in same way and flush makes his decision harder too on river but bet sizing is prob. main mistake or just check fold flop!! So on on flop I feel my hand is slightly under repped after flattinf 3-bet my range is so wide, on flop villain can raise ide range as bluff/semi-bluff and diesnt have to have me beat here. When he flats I think he has a draw here alot or maybe 2 over felt had to call with good price and of course could have 9's-J's/Q's. On turn when he Jams into me I feel like he's trying to rep A,K and im not actualy sure what he was doing...anyway could have folded flop/ flatted + reviewed on turn but thought my hand was under repped. I think this bluff works often enough as he can raise f/draws + maybe weak aces/ strong 1's but then check on turn rules out most strong aces + A,k not likely would probably 3-bet. Feel more often then not has middle pair/busted draw but at time didnt want to face a best as thought maybe could push villain off some of weaker aces with big bet. So I check turn hoping villain has A,Q and dont want to scare off A,J / A,10. I put him in on river to look  bluffy and he folded fairly quickly so not sure did he have an Ace from flop. Villain is a weak lag fish. I dont like flop too much hits alot of 3-bet flatting range + dry so bet small for pot control + value from weaker hands. Check turn to re evaluate and was thinking he would get Q,Q+ in pre 9's + 10's unlikely but obv. not impossible & A,10 is most likely. So i plan to call down as also can have random Q,J/K,Q/A,K'S in range too