Another good day, 4 short broken up sessions, 3 at start very good then played tired and lost some AGAIN...still havnt learned. Made more fpp's too getting closer to gold star, when I reach enough buy-ins to play 10nl i'm going to use the fpp's for tourney tickets try and bink a sunday storm..shouldnt be too hard . Think tourneys are where best value is in the fpp's then back to cash and i'll get use to playing 10nl hopefully back to winning ways. Only 4 hands today..was too tired in last session to include any, but 4's enough.. Calling pre to set-mine. Not happy to get it on on this flop so deep + Vs the villain whos a good reg and not even sure was I calling a river bet as defo. made sense for him to have A,Q / Q,Q ...only thing I see is maybe I could lead turn?but would be in a bad spot if i got raised. So always calling initial jam, when B.B re-jams I find it hard to put him on A,A K,K as I always see it as the best play to just flat there and think others would to so imo his re-jam is terrible. Only see Q,Q main hand i'm behind to and he only 1 tabling so felt he would be inexperienced and may have a wider range making this a profitable call. I'm not one to slow play too often which I think costs me alot, I know ive a lock on the hand on turn but dont see him folding many of the hands he c.r's with to 1 bet even though best sizing is somewhat scary we are deep and he might want to peel 1 and see river. I just feel slow play is bad as he's repping strength and we'r deep so in order to get it in by river I should raise this turn to get value but his c.r could have been weak and slow playing isnt bad here at all just didnt feel at time it was best.. This is just 1 of those glorious hands where your saying ''ship it holla'' the whole way...this was alot of fun.