Day 6 because day 5 was just boring really nothing much to blog about and also lazyness so Im jus going to move to day 6 as theres a shite ton of hands and after losin $20 playin tourneys Sunday i made it back. 6 tabled 6max 5n 4 standard 2 zoom with good profit, defo think this is beeter way to grind for me as 8 normal is sorta boring but the mix is good. Im not getting mixed up either and havnt played poorly so hopefully will progress this way. Playing the normal tables is good to nice change, more of a dynamic with other players + get to know them better so money making spots are more obvious and same for losing spots..or atleast I hope this is how it is!  Making a nice amount of fpp's, was wondering in the VIP store is it a good idea to buy cash for these fpp's in the VIP reward bonues section...I canget $10 or $25 for 1k or 2.5k fpp's, Ive got just over 2.5k fpp's. Also I have the VIP stellar reward sunlocked and hav $40 to collect but...I dont want to claim this yet as If I ever go broke i'll have this + my fpp's to rebuild in worst case scenario. My question is do these 'stellar rewards' reset and become unavaliable at the end of the year??(Nightmatre for me if they go unclaimed). So here are the hands from today.. Standard c-bet..when he raises I flat to keep in worse + pot control Vs better + re-evaluate base don his actions on turn. On turn I think he can be v.betting worse hands along with sets + 2-pairs so I decide to put it as im missing value Vs his worse hands which I felt he had as unlikely he raises set i/p on flop + my like looks bluffyish + players usually feel pot commited. Train wreck. Standard 3-bet = c-bet. when he flats im weary of being beat but check call to re-evaluate...on river when he makes bet I think he would just jam all his value hands so can be beating some 10's k,10 + whatever other hands he bluffs with. On Flop I c-bet but when he raises as I beleive him to be a reg. I feel like he's less inclined to be weak here/not holding and unmade hand such as K,Qs' I made big 1st I thought he could so easily have 10's..his bet sizing is defo. a point of info. not sure what to take from it tho. could have 7's + 4's Q's-A's also. Basically I cant see a reg. raising 8,9 f/draw + 2over or a naked 10. Villain is a fish whom ive gotten paid off from before but doesnt necessarily get tricky or run bluffs havnt seen much of this if any I can remember of. On flop check-raising dry boards always seems odd to me as I thin why would you get it in here not that many action killing cards can come. So I re-raise to get it in V a range I can beat I think it can be 3,4 5,6 over pairs along with maybe top pair but I dont think he flops nuts from his line + also think hes less likely to have set as would slow play...all this together I get it in. Not too much comments on this Just repping broadway/2-pair think he fold worse flopped 2-pairs + Q's Villain is weak Laggy player i've been abusing i/p on a few ocassions. Hnad previous is Q,7 hand  here so bit of dynamic going on. I feel this is perfect time to pick up K,K and havning talked to a zoom reg. he likes to flat i/p at times with K,K A,A to keep in worse hands as which may fold to 5-bet jam so I flat i/p. flop obv.fold but how much do ye like flat i/p pre.?as theres dynamic I was nearly certain he wasnt folding but jsut to make sure I slow played pre. In a hand previous I saw original raiser raise 3x + showdown big pair so I feel he is weaker in this spot and decide to squeeeze. When it gets 4-bet I think AA/KK but Im getting over 3-1 and I may even have the best hand/ outplay post. comments on flat o/p pre.?? So on flop I figure If he has weak pair A,J-A,K if I lead into him I give him chance to fold where as he will almost always jam this flop.