All my good work was un done by 1 poor session. I lost all profit I made recentley as I travelled home from college and when I got home I started playing, I felt I was playing decent enough but also ran bad an I think this covered up how bad I was really playing. I was tired a bit as I was up very early with little sleep so the sooner I learn to play when I'm not tired the less money i'll lose! Also another big factor was trying to 6 table zoom to try make more vpp's as I figured this would help me make gold star. Its nice to get money from rakeback and to accumulate vpp's but theyre not whats important and I forgot this. In future I'll drop stakes to get used to 6 tabling zoom to lower variance to my B.R but hopefully that wont take too long.  I had a few hands of interest which i'll put up, w/out description as Im in the middle of another session atm and have made back 2 buy-ins. Running good playing better which is always nice so hopefully I'll end the day in the money.