Continued playing 5n;l zoom today and continued winning  Settled into playin these stakes now and playing good, also tiredness didnt affect my play much at all today, which has in the past, I took regular breaks too so that obv. helps. Some spots are coming up again and again so Its good Im gettin to know how to play them when they come up. Heres the hands I wasnt too sure about today.. I lead the flop to induce action. Its a massive 3-bet jam on flop but what thinking it looks weak. On reflection even though this is the case its never really a ''weak'' range which villain probably realised and mad e a disciplined lay down. Prob should have 3-bet smaller or flatted 95c raise oop. + cr turn. Learned from before + board also less draw heavy so I decided he could be bluff raising flop more often here. On river main thing is i checked, which afterwards I didn't like so much as so many hands check back/v-bet fold but c.r seems like only way to stack off as he's rarely raising river with worse so its a close one I think... Cold 4-bet usually means A,A K, I presume villain is stacking off and I jam. Obv. didnt happen so whats best line...5-bet jam, 5-bet re-raise or flat oop..? Raising utg to isolate blinds who I noticed were'nt reg.'s as they didnt have aout-rebuy on. So question is to peel one and re-raise on turn or on flop? Feel If i lead turn my hand is face up as I think he has either A,Q or Q,Q + maybe A, on river im caught in 2 minds as he either has me beat or I have him crushed. For this reason I planned to check call river but obv. turned out he had K,Q which is now see people 3-bettin i/p more often. So which is best on river...check call/lead?? I've come across spots like this quite often where basically I have a made/value hand but they rep. alot of strength and its often a very strange spot for them to be bluffing so more often then not based on this I credit it them with a better hand. Good/Bad fold?good/bad rational for making fold? Similar spot again only this time his line is more obvious and makes more sense for him to have a flopped set, all signs point toward him having this hand here so I make painful fold..


Some of hand description might not be that great as I'm rushing this but I think theres enough there to make sense of what I'm trying to say!I know people are reading this so a few comments would be nice :p Anyway B.R coming along nicely along with vpp's which are putting me on course for gold star which would be a 1st. Plenty of time left to get there so hopefully I will. Thats it for this session anyway, lets hope things continue as they have been..