After watching this Video I realised how many marginal spots I was getting myself into and leaking alot of chips. This also lead on to more bad play and further loses, although not the most exciting its a good watch for any low stakes zoom players. I played a few sessions of 5nl ZOOM today and have made back some of my losses from previous days. Ive adapted better this last day to 5nl which has showed and I now have a better rational and thouhg tprocess on every street. Instead of leaking chips in marginal spot this has turned around so now Im playing so good im exploiting the bad players tendencies and making chips in marginal/thin-value spots. I would also say i'm running better than expected but have 1 or 2 hands on this where Ive been unsure about my plays(sucked out) which I could do with some help on. Below are some hands from the days play.. Obv. 3-bet pre...then 4-bet is sort of polarizing as ive seen this as A,K/random air etc and A,A+K/K so i see a flop i/p..pot bet on flop i can only call or raise so I just put him in hoping he has 10's J'S or A,K etc. Suckout is always sweet main point here is wether to 4-bet pre or flat o/p. I flatted as i felt I kept in all of s.b's random air + worse Ax Kx hands and wasnot too sure on strength of 3-bettor as I wasnt getting A,K in pre in this spot when i wasnt sure of spot. No comments needed for post play but feel free to comment. Maybe no need for comments here but i'll include it anyway, 3-bet pre for value..then when he 4-bets I'm just not in habit of folding Q's pre and also thats same 2.5x 4-bet has me a bit unsure every-time, maybe its new play of the reg.'s which I need to adapt to and tighten/loosen up to I don't like flatting flop as we'r both pot committed and I'm no plus about whether I'm ahead or behind + re-raising isn't great imo either so take tight/lower variance line and fold. Figure he could be squeezing + 4-bet to give him chance to jam worse. Here is where HUD would be very handy :/ Background to hand, original raiser is a reg. whos a member of poker strategy and who's play I respect so loving his e.p raise hoping to stack off...On flop bet big as likely he has p. pair. On turn check for value as fold out alot of worse hands. On river I know it always my plan to call river BUT he's a reg. who's likely not to be bluffing here often so I can put him on 10's + 4's and possibly quad 3's, also could have J's + Q's but might value bet these hands instead of jam i think. Somewhat of a cooler as we both play our hands to look bluffy for value but i'm that play is all ahead of me higher up.. Last hand! :p So pre raising to steal...Flop gin. Turn re-raise for value planning to stack off. He then insta jams over the top and It could be a weakness of mine but my thought process gets clouded from time to time so Im not able to put ppl on ranges as well as i should be. Basically I know its somewhat ahrd to put him on a bette rhand but the insta jam screams confidence imo and only K,2 is hand I can see i'm beating..


Alot to get through and even ye dont look through every hand 1 review is better than none, All in all good day albeit with some run good but I wont complain Hopefully the good play continues and I look forward to hearing feedback..Submit