Long time since been blogging, got tangled in "real" life  Actually had months of work average +15h/day so my poker journey was on hold for a while. Now slowly getting back to tables and for sure trainings, was so weird being absent from trainings and tables. 

Thing are thankfully back in track, means grinding it up in freerolls and nanos as usual. On the process of getting back I reached one of my weird poker goals (yes yes I  know most I do is weird lol). Goal was to lose wit quads vs quads, I did it hardcore way, flopped quads vs overpair and lost:


Yes I DO know I played horrid, I could blame being rusty but I cant use that forever lol. 

I will be creating some private tourny also soon for my loyal stalkers and all PSOers so please let me know what Time would be good for you all! MTT details I post on forum, coming soon in stars lobby close to you!


See you at the tables!!

Love Roslyn