My poker year has been hectic but so much great fun. Been learning a lot about my game and I have upgraded myself from TotalFish to PartTimeFish First of all Grinding has been going quite ok even though my bankroll goals are far far away (this due to 4 withdrawals this year already, min 100$ each). This sad but there is not much choice for me! My last withdrawal was 4 weeks ago to 86c BR and now we are back in nicely over 100$ again. This is due to great amount of Freerolls and also finding Womens MTTs.

I will post my this years numbers and graphs here:

For myself volume has been little dissapointing. I would like to have MTT number much higher. Being mother limits ofcourse little bit but I am trying for sure 

For this month I finally got to PremierSkill League too from grinding OpenSkill league. While doing that got 5 top 400 finishes in a row so secured thicket to this weekends BigBang, missing that MTT makes me seriously depressed. This time I am really trying not to withdraw to 0$ again, so hoping that will get to over 150$ quite fast and then might withdraw if it is nessesary.

Also now that BR is hopefully soon withdraval proof, I will make promise to try grind more PSO homegame events. Next one will try and fight for the leaderboard. So when you see me there, be nice to me as allways!!

To sum up, Very happy with grinding but not too happy with need to withdraw every month.


With Love