Here is my last update on building my BR.


My original goal for 2014 was to build 1000$ BR, still going towards that goal but there is always some obstacles on the road. For me those obstacles are need to withdraw my BR since girl needs the monies hehe.

Lets look first my numbers for the year:

Here is my MTT stats since jan. 1st 2014


Here 2NLHE cash stats since Jan. 1st 2014


Sadly I don´t have HUD for 2NLO8 Zoom since that is my better cash game. I also feel I been way too laze with 2NLHE, need much more volume.

Then little about BR, I withdrew my BR to 86c just about 2 weeks ago and was forced to go on Freeroll grind again and rely on 2NLO8 Zoom. I have grinded BR now back to 50$ and goal is to have it over 100$ within 2 weeks (fingers crossed). I been talking with many PSO members since my last blogg about Freerolls and next month I will write what happens after Freerolls and should you ever ignore Freerolls.

Before my withdrawal I was really excited about SCOOP satellites, but being BR NIT they are at this moment little out of my reach. Gonna keep eye open for ticket giveaways ofc.


This was just quick update before bigger stories next month.

I wish all of you best of luck and loads of RubGood


Love Roslyn