On this Site I think there is many people who avoid Freerolls, even when trying to build BR. Mainly this happens because it needs volume, dedication and patience. But all this will also give you good training for large field MTTs, many might disagree with this. But I think patience is quality you really need in large field MTTs. Yes often these Freerolls are minefields but you can learn to avoid the mines, still they do find you time to time.

I will post my Freeroll graph here, it is from June 2013 until today. (I learned in June how to save hands lol)

These freerolls are mostly Privilige Freeroll and 10FPP [500$] Prizepool. These both are good value if you go deep. Privilige is 3x rebuy (I have never used that option). Privilige Final Table has avoided me so far. Twice 10th in 25 000 player field. 10FPP has treated me Good, 1 win and few Final Tables. For sure you need volume or bink few but I think everyone who tries to build BR should play these as much as possible. Because in the end it is free and can boost you BR and get you to next level of your BR goals.

Now we come to important thing, Privilige Freeroll is free for Chromestars (buy daily ticket in Vip Store for 0 FPP) other way to get in, deposit. Ofcourse 10 FPP cost you 10 FPP as it says, for beginning BR builder this might rule out these MTTs. There is options still, PokerStars has Weekly round 2 MTTs, Saturday NLHE and Sunday Game changes between variants. These have Astronomer sattelites running all the time. They can be found in Freeroll tab in lobby and can be regonized from their cute brown colour and names like Hubbles, Sagan´s, Newton´s and so on. Weekly round 2 gives you nice value when BR building.

I could write some trivial info about these tournaments but I would just bore most of you to point of MegaTilt. Instead I offer you this, if you are new to poker and want start build your BR, just send me message maybe I can help you out. There are hundreds of better players here but in these MTTs I might have something to offer to help at least some people. I withdrawn my BR so many times and built it again and again from 0$. So if you want to start wonder in the FreeRoll maze, leave me message. I won´t bite and I will try my best to help you, ofcourse for free 

With Love