As we all know there is moments of joy in poker and then there is moments of pure horror (if you decide to react to those). I been in both places, in hardcore fullbody tilt too. This happened when I had one of most epic AA runs ever, pure evil and rigged and all that I thought. Was on edge of insanity to be honest.

Then I did something that saved my poker “career”, emptied my BR went to freeroll MTTs and started taking that Demon (variance) by the horns and behold this opened my eyes (with help of few good PSO members). 

Imagine this situation, you going to the beach and there is 30% chance of rain, will you go bananas or just accept it? I say what you will most often do, you go to beach happy, take those odds and if it rains then it rains. Why do we then react so much different in poker?? Xflixx in my opinion said it best “every time I get bad beat I do fistpump”. Sounds so crazy right? But we have to see that to get bad beat we have to do correct decision. So how can you ever get angry when you are playing good. We also might think that it is just me and it happens too often? This is when our mind plays little tricks with us, we are hardwired to remember these negatives better. You can just play little game, try remember the suckouts you have delivered and then suckouts you have received! Then you see what I mean

I am not saying I´m not immune to emotions. I get emotional when I get KOd from big monies. Example I won ticket to TheBigger $55, played good and had OK stack, then came KK on BB, BTN raise SB reraise and I shipped KK, BTN folds and then SB tank calls, If I remember correct with 79o and completes straight. I was out with 159$, great score but I was sad mostly cause friends had money on me. After thinking while and talking to PSO members it was one of my proudest poker moments, made correct play and for that I was super happy.

There is 100s of examples I could write here but they all lead to same thing, we DO NOT need tilt!! Lets say you get visit from Demon we call variance, ignore him cause only way he will win this battle is when we let him. Remember he is busy bugger, he visits us all as often. Difference here is that his effect will be felt longer on those who can´t ignore him.

For me this became obvious when I grinded from 0$ up few times on Freeroll MTTs. There you meet this nasty bugger oh so often and learn to live with his visits. Let the dude swing by, say hello and of he goes again. Then so often his counterpart shows up and all is ok again when this Angel (positive variance) says hello.

I know this been again thos Roslyn nonsence writings, but I have one final advice I can offer you. When you log in to Pokerstars, leave your ego behind. When you play without ego, you do not feel that u deserve this and that. You just play and take every hand as it is. If you feel you are better than other ppl in table, take this as positive drive. No matter how many suckouts, it will all even in the end and skill comes out on top 

P.S. Looking bad beats in forum, most do not even qualify! Be objective and do not let emotions guide your thinking!

With Love