I have found my new love in Pokerstars. NLHE 0.55$ 500 Cap!!


PokerStars Tournament #858615484, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $0.50/$0.05 USD
500 players
Total Prize Pool: $250.00 USD
Tournament started 2014/02/07 6:02:00 CCT [2014/02/06 17:02:00 ET]

Dear Roslyn_akka,

You finished the tournament in 2nd place. A USD 32.75 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

I wanna talk little about this tournament in general. First of all, very slow nice structure and plenty of fischigespieler around. This like most slow tournaments you need your patience on. For me this my one of my few skills, I can be patient and pick my spots.

I will post some hands here if they wake up conversation.

This first one is kinda standard flip but wanted post it to show not all rungood


This next  hand I was going after flop purely with my read. Ofc original plan was to steal but after flop I decided try water cause guy on left was too short and other guy just could not fold any pair no matter how small .


These next 2 hands is just to show how many free chips guy on my left was giving me BvB, so I was basically minraising every SB if aggro on my right folded!



This is hand where we went HU this I wanted post just to show way my HU partner played. He had decided to shove everything. I really wanted the other guy HU so could play some real HU poker! 


Then to last hand, ofc this guy had been shoving every hand HU so this one I decided to raise and call his shove since his range is sooooooo wide here. Read was correct but result you can see. 


In the end It seem be that in these there I very few Laggy players left in top. I often am around 16/14 so kind of standard but sometimes also playing around 13/10.

After this tournament I played my daily 25c MTT with 100$ added.

I have promoted this tournament so often. IMO best MTT for BR building. Slow great structure and good value. This one I actually finished 9th on this Friday grind dor few extra dollars. This MTT is pure heaven for me, slow structure with loads of fishy in the pool. When you start grind this MTT just remember in beginning, if you get a bad beat and go down in chips, never panic. I been in this before around 200 chips after few hands with AA vs JJ and so on. Have managed to cash from those situations. Just use your patience and pick your spots.

Then was turn for 10c Turbo MTT with 50$ added

These Turbo MTTs are really not my strong point, but actually this Friday was able to get 56th place and for me that is really good hehe. If you like Turbos, this MTT is designed to boost BR

last but not least, word of gratitude to PSO

I know I keep repeating myself but seriously, how many of us would be making any money in Poker without PSO and their trainers. Yes I am addicted to training but only because it is the best free coaching any poker player can ever get. So just sometimes remember to say Thank You to these trainers and other PSO Team members. 

Thank You PSO TEAM and also HUGE Thank You for PSO community. You guys are great support and I wish succes to every one of you!!


With Love