Goal was “First withdraw 150$ at least end of January for daughters Bday. Second withdraw some for hubbys Bday in June. I will be starting with BR of 80$”

Result, made withdrawal of 100$ on 15th of January. This went little bad though since apparently bank account I withdraw was closed week earlier. But at least I be receiving money back and can complete the withdrawal. So at  this moment, withdrawal made 100$.

BR now is  68.97$ + 25 T$.

There are still few great opportunities to make another 100$ withdrawal before end of the month or at least before babys Bday 17th of February.

Then lets see how MTT goals look like “My MTT goals is to grind many many nanos in start. By end of the year goal is to get to be playing SundayStorm every week. Winning privilige is also in my list pf priorities. I am hoping by the end of the year I could have 5000 MTTs played.”

Update how we look on volume. I must admit I been lazy, well also got some translation work so that takes 6 hours of my time many days a week. Volume all considering has been still OK.

Tournaments Played:       230
ITM:                                  17,83%
ROI:                                 198%  (ofc many freerolls include in this so Net winnings are not huge)


Some small info about cash games, goals were “In cash I need beat 2NL and get to be regular in 5NL. I played both little during milestones and actually did quite good. I try and grind cash at least 2 hours a day.”

I have not met that 2 hour daily goal like never, main reason being that real work I mentioned earlier. When I have played I been on 2NL zoom FR. So volume here is horrible 

Hands Played:            7980
BB/100:                       12.74    (yes it is bad, I hope it get better with volume)

Then 2NLO8 zoom “In cash NLO8 zoom, goal is slightly higher. They have 2NLO8 where I am doing good. Next jump is 10NLO8zoom I truly hope I can take few stabs at this higher level by the end of the year.”

Crash and burn, has not had time to play basically any. Gonna try and fix this for next month update.

This is just an small update to keep myself focused and on track.

With Love