The year 2014 started great for me, Jan 1st won my first MTT. Even though it was only 10 FPP hippiement, still MTT  

PokerStars Tournament #824647276, No Limit Hold'em Buy-In: 10 FPP

1802 players $500.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars

Total Prize Pool: $500.00 USD

Tournament started 2014/01/01 8:40:00 CCT [2013/12/31 19:40:00 ET]

Dear Roslyn_akka, You finished the tournament in 1st place.

A USD 83.75 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

This email I allways treasure as my 1st MTT glory. Yes I have had bigger cashes but win is still win.

Other tournaments and RingGames also started quite OK. Gotten few deep runs in Privilige Freeroll and steady going elsewhere too. Not leaking money at least. 

Apart form poker my year is looking great so far, baby girl will have her 1st Bday soon. Family is healthy and have gotten some REAL work to fill up my grindinding breaks (yes I do take breaks).

Outside results I have had great start for the year too, have found new understanding for the game, for this I have to thank Darren and Arty for listening my endless stupid questions and being patient with me. I just wish one day I can truly pay them back for all their time and headaches. This goes for PSO trainers too.

I have learned through endless live trainings I attend how to make those important folds and how to preserve my stack in questionable situations. Also I am in every training observing like like my life depend on it and writing stuff down. Could say that I am heavily addicted to PSO live trainings (sorry making weird comments in training often, cant help myself lol). This takes me nicely to one of my goals for this year too, submit MTT HH for review for Dave. Just have to find nice tournament to do so and then talk Dave into reviewing it.

Here is one of those situations where I found myself thinking that I am either behind or draws will destroy me and not really worth crippling yourself.

Please do share ideas about this hand. I would love to see some hands with similar situations, called and folded ones. I think these type of hands make huge difference and want start  conversations about them.

P.S. Many of you wonder now why ”The year Of The Fischigespieler”, this is mystery wrapped in enigma and will be revealed in next New Year in some unknown and dark place in Europe.
(Was able to make weirdest blogg ending ever)

Love you all