My first year at PokerStars and in Poker general is coming to an end. I must say it has been a great year on and of the tables. Biggest event ofcourse is our baby girl Talysha been born in February.

On pokerfront all started going great when I decided to enter PSOSOP, I met friends and started being active in PSO. Many who I played against there can testify how bad I was with my overbets and no idea about anything. Somehow I managed to make few top 3 and few final tables and in the end even lucked my way to Bracelet in FLHE.

All this and new friends in PSO (there is too many to thank) made me found my way to live trainings. These trainings are the thing that opened my eyes. I still sometimes can´t belive the quality of education that is available here, and IT IS FREE.

After getting to livetraining Poker has become more fun when understand at least something. This year actually been able to withdraw few times often because of great freerolls and some luck. So with this I really need give HUGE thanks to PSO staff, you guys do great work and give us your time.

Biggest things in poker this year result wise have been few Bigger Buy-in events where won tickets from pokerstars in tweetyland. But whole in short it has been great year in learning and getting to know you guys. I am looking forward to put my 2014 goals in paper soon too.

Last thing I have to mention is Pokerstars and PSO support for typhoon victims here. Areas hit were destroyed completely and PSO and Pokerstars did more than their part and for this whole nation thanks you!

I want to wish everyone in PSO and Pokerstars merry christmas. May you and your families be blessed like all of you have blessed me and my Family.

Thank You