As most of tou know I have been grinding my BR up from 0$. I got it while back to 140$ and had to withdraw 115$. My though was, lets do it again. Now I stand with about 200$ after few nice scores.

 I had huge plans for year 2014. Start with good BR that I have grinded up. Work endless days again to grind it up to 4 figures one day.

 Then a lot of things changed. Hurricane Yolanda hit southern part of Philippines. Thousands of people are dead, many more injured and left homeless.


 We have already donated our small xmas budget we had and big part of clothes we had. Now it is time think, is my poker dreams more important than those poor souls who have nothing? Ofcourse not.

 So my decision was easy. I am now regged to Bigger 55$ (TY pokerstars for ticket) and some small MM events And MM Mainevent (TY pokerstars for ticket). After these games No matter result I will withdraw at least 200$ to donate to Redcross Philippines. If it so happens that I need start grind from 0 again, I be more than happy to so.

 If anyone has extra money please donate to victims. There are places they can´t even get yet. Any small amount will help them.

Lets hope some luck in future and lets all be safe.

Thank you all for prayers.

See you at the tables