Hey Guys and Girls.

I wanted to write little about what people do when they win tcket to BIG tournaments. Reason for this is that I Recently “Luckboxed” in Red Spade Open Freeroll 100 tickets Gtd. I was wondering myself about options what to do with it.

Fisrs thought was, lets take shot since it is for free!

Second thought was realization that actully it is huge load of free entries for MTT grinder like me! (Most entrys you win, you can unregister and be credited tournament $)

I choose the second. Reason for this are many. 1st of all, I grind tournys with under 1$ buy-in (quite few of those with 55$). I am proud BR nit, like I think most new players should be. I have heard too many new players failing to manage their BR. My strict BR management has really helped me not to go busto in my first year of poker and it helps me play with confidence.

Ofcourse taking shot might feel like the best choice but often case will be playing scared monies. Also to me one shot of WAY out of my BR in one single tourny is very high in variance. Basically the only gameplan is to get to mincash whatever it takes. This often leads you to avoid many +ev spot that are presented to you in mid stages and even more close to bubble. But if you get that little bigger cash, that will often lead you to jump up in stakes before you are actually ready for it. For me there is no short cuts in poker or anything. Hard work is only thing that pays of in the long run.

Lets then talk little about what for example 55 tournament $ will do for me. It will provide me many buy ins on my stakes. These stakes I can play with comfort and this way it even more helps my learning process. My normal stakes are 55c MTTs and below also 10c 360 man SnG and also I will have quite solid MicroMillions grind. So when I chose to get T$ I basically have secured many weeks of T$ grinding. I truly believe taking this approach to my 55$ will serve me better on long run.

I will later update you guys on the comment sections what happened with my 55 T$.

Starting point in BR is 120$ ( includes T$ ), hopefully can bring you good news soon.

Thank you for your supprot and Good Luck At The Tables