Everyone knows I am NOT the greatest player in the world, but I feel I have some good advice for beginners. To help them get started with freerolls! Any comments and feedback will be happily received! Last month I started my Zero to Hero FreeRoll challenge and I must say it has been quite good for developing my game.


 First of all The Astronomer freerolls are great to practice other variants of poker and I strongly believe that mastering other variants makes you better NLHE player. These Astronomer freerolls can ofcourse be found at Freerool lobby (turn off filter to see other variants). The goal with these freerolls is the weekly round 2 games (Saturday NLHE and Sunday game changes every week). These weekly round 2 tournaments are amazing value so it is well worth grinding the freerolls to get there. There is only 2 a week ofcourse but even if you earn more tickets / week they will stay in your account. Now for the easiest way to get to weekly round 2 games, 8-game and HORSE. Mastering these will give you greater understanding of your NLHE game also. I do strongly recommend playing Stud, razz, 2-7 lowball too. Not only they develop your general poker skill but teach you the game of patience. Obviously you should play the Hubbles NLHE (one of the freerolls to weekly round2), this allowes you to try different styles of NLHE.

 Lets move on to the 100K Privilige freeroll. If you have acces to this then USE it. Acces to this can be gained by deposit or if you are Chromestar then you can buy ticket for one day at time from VIP store (for free). This tournament is great value for freeroll. It is a rebuy ( 3 rebuys and one add-on 30c each), I have made myself rule to never use these options. Ofcourse you can choose to use those options but first look at prices and determine how deep run you need to make profit. These tournaments I play TAG style, when you have a hand play it strong and aggressive. As you notice if you don´t make chips early then it will be a short tournament (1200 chips starting stack). Very solid TAG play will get you far in these, I have ITM of 44% (I think it is quite OK for rebuy freeroll without using rebuys). When you get a solid stack, use it and use your position and also take advantage of the bubble.

 Then lets move on to BankrollMob promotion (can be found in private tournament lobby). This promotion you need to register in and create account and submit your Pokerstars screen name to take part of the promotion. This tournament has not amazing tournament rewards. But rewards in the leaderboard are very nice. These usually have around 3000 players and 117 get paid (your points are same as cash you make). This will teach you the game of TIGHT is RIGHT in early stages. There will be ton of HyperAggros shoving every hand. DO NOT take part in this without a monster hand (even tho there is no minus points). Again TAG is the way to go, but in early stages I am VERY tight with my opening range. After getting some stack together you can start opening up little since most crazy AggroFish are gone. This is not the easiest tournament to cash in, after a while you will find style that fits you the best in this one too.

 Then it is time for the notorious Pokerschool Open Skill League. I used to HATE this tournament before I realized how and why to play it. It is all about the leaderboard and making it to the top 2000 for da moniez! I used to get so tired of sitters and people shoving all the time, the I understood that these people actually are just waiting to donate their chippies to me. In this one I play VERY nitty in beginning until I am in range of points, but I will take free chips from sitters and take out few shovers on the way if chance comes. This series all about NOT getting minus points. You go all in early few times while racing and loose then you drop down. For me it is AA or KK to call all in early, sometimes QQ or JJ too if I know the villain. I do NOT call all ins very light early. Nowadays I LOVE this tournament.

 Lets take a look what happened when I started playing this in a way I described! I started 21st of this month to really try. I was in place 24 000 but after tad over 10 games in points in row I ended up in place 1850!

Just remember, more you have points compared to the rest of the fiel the higher you need to finnish to get to the points. My general goal is to be at least in top 1500 and rather in top 1000 in 10000 player field! I undestand that tripling your stack early with AK and AQ is tempting but in the end it will usually cost you points. Play VERY TIGHT and keep and eye out for sitters and take their chips when you can!

 Then there is ofcourse the FERRARI of all FreeRolls DA BIG BANG, once a month exclusive Pokerschool Online Tournament. This is the highest value freeroll I seen anywhere anytime. There is many ways to acces this one. Blogging, play my hand and Open Skill League for example. In my opinion this is the one you wanna aim for. In this one level of poker is VERY high. All PSO superheroes of poker will be there.

I have not cashed in this yet so no advice other than play VERY good!!!

Pokerstars also have some regional Freerolls, if you can get to these DO IT!

So this was it, my guide how I grinded my 0$ BR up to 48$ in first month!!!

See yoy at the tables!