I am now on my 4th week of my Zero To Hero challenge on freeroll world. In the beginning it was hard to understand how these can actually benefit anything else than your bankroll. You just keep thinking that people push all in no matter what and you have to go for lottery to gain any ground on these. 

When in some cases this might be true but more than often it is not. You can actually play these smart and same time gaining set of new skills. First of all taking people to that Golden place called valuetown. That macigal place where we want to take guest as often as possible but oh my we wont wanna be there ourselves!

Guiding people to this place can be very well studied in ArtySmokesPS smoking blogg and in many videos here at PSO.

Also one thing I been training alot in these is postflop play. This skill allowes you to manipulate pot size and dictate how the hand will go on. Ofcourse there is few weird fish that don´t allowe you to do these things, but they are your buffetline of chippies.

Then the key incredient of MTT succes, PATIENCE. Many people complain that they have no patience for these freerolls. If this is case then your MTT career is for sure over. MTTs take time and more time. Key incredient to avoid loss of patience is studying everything that is happening and understanding why it is happening. Also loss of patience comes because of reward being so small, come on you are on freerolls, YOU PLAY TO LEARN not to earn yet.

To me these have been quite good (up 37$ in 3 weeks). Also in these you can try so many different playing styles. I been in many tournaments so far of standard lines that standard line was a dot to me! I don´t recommend doing this all the time but doing this different can help your some time. Sometimes I play weird hands on purpose to put myself in tough spots and learn how to live with those. 

So there it is, anothere look into confused mind of very weird girl!!

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See you at the tables (If I see you that means your tournament is about to end)