Due to many things, running bad and needing money very badly I have decided to empty my PokerStars BankRoll. This will lead me into huge challenge, getting an BankRoll from 0$. Well not from 0$ since my BR sits at pretty 29c at this moment.

 Plan to accomplish this task is to play BankrollMob, qualify for every weekly round 2, next month when still chrome star to play every possible privilige freeroll. Ofcourse play the BigBang if get ticket to that. My goal is to get somewhat ok BR before end of the year without spending anything on buy ins.


So the details as it stands

Challenge start date 28.08.2013

Starting BR    29c

Goal  freeroll at least 50$ BR before year end!


Wish me luck, I know I will need it!


See you at the tables