We all faced them, these events at poker tables that make us think that we are unluckiest person in the planet and nobody gets them more than we do. We are ofcourse talking about Bad Beats, Coolers and other disasters. 


How often have you found yourself cursing on your computer screen and promising you never play again? 

It is very common to react like this and let it ruin your game even for days. But did you ever stop and think, this is not needed and I can deal with it better? I bet you have and still it seems to happen. For sure you can´t prevent variance in poker but you can change the after effects.

So how to avoid the holy demon we call TILT?

It is actually very easy, Bad Beats and Coolers happen for a reason. The reason might be that often mentioned variance but more often bad things at table are direct results of bad decision. Now you may think that this little girl has gone bananas (this might be true also). But honestly so often I see hands posted in here and in other medias where hero is cursing whole world because of this Bad Beat. Weirdly often I see also that luck had not much to do with result of the hand, yes the Ace came on the river, but oh so often we have given villain correct prize to get to that last card. Also your Aces get cracked from time to time, some time just cause variance but very often cause we have slow played our premium hand.Coolers are like summer rain they keep coming every now and then.

Now you wonder, ok she been babbling nonsense for while now, what is the point? Well it is simple, if you deal with Bad Beats and Coolers in proper manner you save yourself money and headache. How can you deal with bad beat then? For one if it was AA vs villains KK all in pre and he hit K, then you congratulate yourself for getting it in good and making correct play, there is no reason to get mad at playing good. Other times, analyze your hand, was all decisions correct, bet sizing, should you have bet instead of checking. If you played hand correct there isno reason to get mad again, in long run you will be ahead because of good decisions. Then again if some decision were not correct then you plug this leak that you found, again this has made you a better player and in the long run you win because of it. Coolers like I said are like are summer rain, no reason to worry about those. Just remember you have coolered villain at least as often than you have been coolered. Human mind just remembers bad things much better.

So if you consider all the things above, you should not get mad at poker table at all? If you still get frustrated time to time (I do) vent of to your friend or family member but always keep it of table. In table just keep yourself cool and forget the hand until end of the tournament. I vent to good pokerfriends in twitter and in Skype (sorry guys). These actions all have saved me alot of headache. I think the main reason must be that I do not look at poker from money perspective, at this moment I purely play to learn and these bad results have teached me much more than good ones.

I hope some of this makes some sense. If it does help one person then it was well worth it.

See you at Tables