Before I had these monthly plans to make some money and learn. I recently realized that getting results should not be part of first year player goals, so I have been thinking my goals again.


 Lets first think little about whole year and what it should still bring to me. I have set my goals to keep my bankroll healthy (means not to go broke) and mainly to learn. Learning will be the main focus, it will be on live trainings here at PSO, talking with more experienced players about hands and Playing with focus on reads and studying board texture among everything else. While trying to get reads and ranges accurate I will also concentrate on making notes on every player I am playing. This is why my focus will be on 2NL FR regular tables and 1.50$ 9 man KO SnGs. These slow tables because it enables me to study every hand that will be played. I will maximum have 2 tables at one time open, this keeps me more focused and enables me to gather more information. One big focus will also be reading, for one ArtySmokesPs blogg, JWK24 blogg and look all TheLangoliers videos. I will include some great pokerbooks that were recommended to me. This plan for rest of the year should allow me to grow as pokerplayer and get me ready for the year 2014.

 Lets then take look at coming month.

 Main focus will still be learning monthly bases but also this coming month brings us one more amazing PSO series The Dog Days of Summer. I actually decided to play every single event (realmoney and playmoney) of this series even tho starting times are not the greatest for my time zone, midnight, 3am, 6am and 9am. But I am nightowl allready so should not be a problem. Last PSo series was so amazing for me, it was the on thing that actually made me first time understand poker and I am hoping that this series will take me even furter. Goal for this series will be steady TAG style play game, maybe even get my name on leaderboard and ofcourse taking bounty of ArtySmokesPS in the KO event!!! One goal will be also not get KOd by TheLangolier so often this time (FOLD FOLD FOLD). This july I been playing/studying about 14 hours a day (might be even more lol) and I will try tone it down a little bit, but it will be hard for me since I am addicted to learning.

 So to finish this up, if you wanna talk about poker or anything else send me message here and we can talk in skype or other quick message programs. I might not have alot to give but I love talking about poker!


See you at the tables