I wanna share my thought about my first tries in the 2NL zoom cash game. I have been afraid of this for very long time. Before when trying I was crushed what I thought were bad beats. Now I actually have gathered little knowledge about poker and how to play it and like to so many others those bad beats are often caused by myself. I mean how can I call it bad beat if I leave the door open and someone walks right in. I kept giving villain correct price to be in the hand and that actually makes it bad play and not bad beat.

 To avoid these situations I have started to plan every hand I play, my initial action and also counter actions to villains reactions. This I realized in one of amazin PSO live training session. Planning my hand has given me confidence to test cash game little by little. Ofcourse there will be coolers like KK vs AA, training can´t make u avoid all, that is just poker.

  Lets get to the game then, I started with 2$ buy in and plan was to play very nitty style, play for value and NEVER bluff. Most of the time it orked actually very good, even tho I had to bluff few times when opportunity was so clearly presented to me. I played my strong hands very strong and getting as much value as I could. Zoom in general was very fast to me even tho I was playing only one table but in the end I loved the format. I just really hope that I would have PokerTracke4 to help my game even more ( I am getting close to it ). To conclude I will for sure try that again. I actually ended up in + side after 6 played sessions.

  Then we can talk little about highlight of my short poker career MicroMillion MainEvent. Being able to play this is thanks to PSO series of poker, where I was able to play enough events to make it to 13th in the leaderboard and that illusive 20$ entry. I am veri excited about this opportunity since I could never afford to risk this kind of tournament otherwise. I also think that this will help me play more relaxed and that way to play my A game. I truly hope I can run very very deep, I know I can survive playing solid and exploit situations presented to me. I also realize that many players there are on much higher skill level than me but I also know that there is many that are on same level as me. So lets hope for good luck and great decisions!! I hope to see many of you in this tournament.

May luck be with all of us! See you at the tables