So PSO Series Of Poker has ended, what a series it was. For learning this game it was the best thing ever happened to me in poker. I reached level that I could before only dream of by help of this series and players in it. Also the results were pretty amazing for me. I reached numerous final tables (cant remember how many but between 7 and 12) also won one bracelet. Above all this learned to play many variants of poker. Also I didnt actually loose money even tho played many Real Money tourneys. In beginning I was just trying to reach ITM on RM and PM, then all of sudden I saw my name rising on the leaderboard (I think mostly cause I played so many not cause I played good). This made me attend more live trainings talk to PSO players and Bother ArtySmokesPS with questions about poker (he is always happy to help, God bless him). 

 In the end I ended up on PlayMoney leaderboard on 7th and in RealMoney place 14 and this gave me 22$ ticket, when I use it it will be the biggedt buy in tourny I have ever played and prolly will be shaking like leaf. To sum it up this series changed way I think of poker and way I play poker. I still have long way to go but now I know that there is hope for me to learn this game.

  I just wanna thank you everyone who make these series possible, count the points, set up the tournys and monitor it all.


See you at the tables