It was event #73 and started earlier but really escaladed in FT that I was part also briefly. This person in question I never seen (thank God) in PSOSOP before was thorwing insults left and right with really bad words. Sadly some regular PSOers went with it. This really makes me really makes me sad to to very core, since PSO series has been safe haven of this kinda behavior for me. I know I am too emotional about these kind of things but rudeness just saddenes me so badly. Worst part is that most of the time, like this time, attack is on person and nothing to do with poker. I been attacked in regular tables so often that I can´t count, called ugly idiot, stupid b***c, even attacked toward country I am from cause we are poor here  that makes me automatically braindead.  But these are reguar tables and I can live with it. But this this PSO series is where everyone treats others with respect and are friendly. So guys if you find this kind ppl in PSO please report because we do not need it. I love this community because it is full of wonderfull ppl that respect the game and ppl playing it. Lets keep it that way.

Pheew that felt good to get out haha.


See you at the tables