So now the most exciting and tiring month at my young poker life is behind me and I wanna review little what I have accomplished. I must say biggest thing has been findin Pokerschool live trainings  and that way getting the confidence to play more games and therefore develope my general poker skills.

  Before June I never thought playing other than NLHE just because I simply had no idea. But because of live training and Pokerschool Series of Poker (where my opponents actually were teaching me) I decided to give other stuff try too. This resulted in FLHE realmoney Bracelet in series Of Poker, PLO FT, PLO H/L 3rd place and 8-game 3rd place all in Series Of Poker. With these I have had I think more than 7 FTs in series of poker and ended me in PlayMoney leaderboard with place 4 at this time and knocking on door of top 10 in real money.

 Timing of Series Of Poker has not been the best (3 am, 8 am and 9 am) and this has resulted in No Sleep June for me. Not easy being all night grinder and mother of 4 month old. But I decided when this Series Of Poker started that I play all I can for support of Pokerschool Online and to  improve my game and it has been totally worth it. To mention I was qualified to Pokerschool Premier Skill League, not huge succes but bagged 20 $ from it.

  So what I wanna accomplish on July?

I wanna keep my chromestar status (should be quite easy)

Improve all areas of my game and attend as many live trainings I can.

Get some profit from my games so can buy myself PokerTracker 4.

Jump my bankroll up to 300$ (164$ now)

To get confidence that I am able to play SundayStorm

And last but not least My goal is to SLEEP some this month lol


Thank you for whole Pokerschool online community for support and help.


See you at the tables