So finally it hit me, the 1st bracelet. In event 46 1.10$ FixedLimit HE with nice 13.4$ cash too. It didn´t come without struggle or huge luck. 1st of all until bubble was basically all time short stacked (down to 1300 chips) and could not get anything going on. On the bubble got some walks and lucky hands too. In FT it started going my way big time, made my way to top 3 quite fast and when 3 left I was big chip leader.

  Heads Up vs CONSUM8_LIAR started quite bad for, started leaking chips and dropped to 20 k vs her 80k+ then got super lucky when flopped 2nd pair and HU I thought I am quite strong and she is drawing. We raised until all in and She actually had flopped 2 pair and I was drawing to runner runner flush. It for once hit me and after that game was basically mine to loose. The last hand flop was 568 and we were both apparently drawing for straight she 4 to 8 me 5 to 9 and 7 hit and that resulted for my victory on this tourney.

  Biggest thanks for this win actually go to my opponents, who have teached me alot during games and outside also. Brettnz, TheLangolier, ArtySmokesPS, JWK24, cuffy-uk, glenn161274 and so many others that have teached me and supported me in so many ways. Everyone here on Pokerschool online community are really lucky that we have this place to teach us and support us.



See you in next event