Just wanted take few minutes of y day and talk about and thank you about Pokerschool Online and their Series Of Poker.

 As you who know me, know that I am true rookie in poker and when I first heard about PSO Series Of Poker I have to admit I was little scared of playing it. Players there are way above my skill level and was frankly scared making fool of myself hehe. But I decided to play anyways, best decision I have ever made in poker.

 When I started playing I started to know people who were playing there too and to my surprise all players there are willing to help you and advice you in any way they can. Also while playing this I found out about Pokerschool Online Live training and decided to take part first time. This sessions coach was TheLangolier, just this one session teached me so many thing and made e realize how little I truly know. But still I was not laughed even if asking kinda stupid things, instead I was answered every time with respect and honesty. I wanna thank you TheLangolier about this.

 Then lets talk about little about people who play PSO Series Of Poker. This group of people is so amazing it really makes me happy and proud of being part of the series. I wanna mention few people who make playing day better either with their company, advice or both, ArtySmokesPS, Saturnation, JWK24, TheLangolier, CannonLee, CONSUM8 LIAR, BobbyTheFish, cuffy-uk, Howitzer2007, brettnz, gtwi, 85FastLane, Tagging and so many more. Good example is event 24 where I finished 3rd place and right after the game many people were ready to give advice for me to better my game.

 If you are not part of this series yet or live training, you really should join now. Nowhere in poker can you find better group of people. They are scary good players but so good people. I know this is kinda meaningless post and does not serve many purposes, but I really wanted all of you to know how much I appreciate you being so friendly and understanding of real rookie player. 


Thank you for all of you


See you at the tables