So June has arrived at Pokerstars and believe  you me it is action packed month even for us microstakes grinders. First of all I qualified first time to PSO Premier League, amazing promotion with huge rewards for players. I am gonna try and play most of the events they are for me 2 am. 8am. 2 pm. And 8 pm. So here where starts the name No Sleep June.

  Then there is this amazing promotion of PSO Series Of Poker for real money and play money with leaderboard points virtual bracelets and everything in between. Thes for me are around 3 am. And 8 am. So timing fits nice for Premier League. Best thing about this series is table behaviour and meeting great people in PSO have found many new friends who are also great player that I can learn from.

Then ofcourse comes da Big Cajuna, The Real Deal 100th Billion hand and All HUGE promotions that come with it. Ofcourse there is milestone hands that make u stay awake all day around and it is worth it trust me. Remember also to reg in time to World Record Attempt 1$ and The prolly biggest freeroll of history of anything, The Ultimate 1M$ Freeroll.

I been grinding these tourneys now for few days and I can promise you when chickenpox arrived (yes I look like wicked wich from old horror movies)  same time as these amazing promotion my motivation is really being tested. But I must say that all people who play at PSO series has really made it worth waking up. I really thank all of you playing and being as nice ppl as you ever can find.

So if you are not involved in any of these I recommend you do it right now. I promise you will love every second of it. I mean where else you can play for example Felix @xflixx Schneiders from Team Pokerstars Pro in 0,55$ tourney? Yes he has already played in events and will play more. Come get your glory and bragging rights for example just knocking him out.

See you at the table