Haven´t been writing so much for while. Been trying up my game and that way up my bankroll after 200$ withdrawal. been wondering about some fun additions to Pokerstars tournament. Of course first would be my earlier idea about doing charity with poker. (you can read all about it from post earlier).

  Now to new ideas. I would love to have men vs women tournaments. for example STG with 90 men and 90 women. Heads up man vs woman all the way to the end. Many other variations could be made also, league men vs women with different kind of tourneys. I think this would bring some fun and lot of talk in twitter and here. I think many men think they run over us women on those tourneys (I doubt that very much). Get some Pros playing also on both sides maybe few Pros / tourney.

  Also I would like more of these series for the community, like WBCOOP. First of all those create loads of talk, you learn alot and most importantly I have noticed that behaviour on these tournaments is so so much better than in regular tournaments. On WBCOOP I made more poker buddies in day than otherwise in all my time playing. I think everyone agrees we need more these community tournaments. 

  You guys in Pokerstars keep maybe track about who is tweeting about tourneys and about Pokerstars? Maybe star a miniseries for those who are active in Twitter for Pokerstars. Would create fun and exiting event. Lot of great ppl there supporting you guys.


Please leave comments what you would like to add. Maybe they come true!!


Lets create more fun and excitement.

See you at the tables