I been thinking a lot about charity and helping others. Sadly I have no funds for this. This is reason I send email to Pokerstars if they could help me with this. We all live in this small spot in Universe.

My idea for them was to organize Charity tournaments, for example, normal 1,10$ tournament but buy in would be 1,20$ instead and from that a 0,10$/player would be donated to that weeks charity. Of course bigger buy in tournaments would also use same calculation for donations. I know this would not create Millions. But it would do some good.

To encourage players to take part in these tournaments Pokerstars could offer for example 3xFPPs from these tournaments. Charitys could be chosen by weekly poll where Pokerstars would provide maybe 5 different charitys and followers on twitter would vote for them. Most votes and that charity would be charity of the week. Also every week Pokerstars can do raffle between all voters and winners get tickets or FPPs. Also could have competition for for charity player of the month, not by how many dollars but how many charity tournaments each player has played.

This way all of us in poker community could be part of something important while playing game we love. Wouldn´t you feel great to know by playing poker you helped some child in Africa to have fresh water? Or maybe some kid in somewhere in world getting that important medicine he/she needs.

So anyone who read this and cares, please share this to everyone who plays poker. lets make this happen!!!

Thank you