On Sunday I was super excited to be playing in SundayStorm special edition with my 11$ ticket. At Sunday afternoon I started getting the worst headache of ages. Felt like something was alive in my head and trying to get out.

That was until about story until tuesday. Started playing some then again. Started with 11$ superknockout. That ended before money, was able to catch one bounty though. Wednesday I was able to make my first top 10 placing in PokerSchool open league. 

Today started day with 6$ profit in 2/5 NLHE and gonna play some tourneys later in the evening. 

Then more about little baby girl Talysha.


She is gonna have christening this coming Sunday. Big party on the way and great time with family and friends. She is growing in a quick rate of 400 g / week. I think her growing is from fathers European genes and not from my tiny Filipina genes.

See you at tables