So here we are getting ready for my second Sunday Storm ever. First ever Sunday Storm I was panicking about buy-in and really played just really badly. This time I have ticket and br looks better so maybe the butterflies are gone.

So this time I have used my bad b,eats as I mentioned in earlier post. This meaning that Sunday Storm should be bad beat free I LOVE IT. So the chances that I will be looking like this on Sunday night, are BIG.


But if ever some cosmic wrongness happens I might look like this also.

Either or anyway, I will be having great time with great people on tables and ofcourse with some of friends in twitter (telling them how I got bad beat even tho I played like donk). For sure they won´t believe me but they are gentlemen and always pretend to believe. So if you see next post start with some weird babble with big letters, you know I made it far (might do that just to make you guys think that I finally won something).