MicroMillion-001: $0,11+R NL Hold´em [Hyper-Active, $15K Gtd]
As excpeted this was hectic, panicky and fast. I had to make rebyus worth 0.60$ thn after add-on had 24K chips and was sitting quite comfortable. Deck was very very cold and finally got myself with A T suited and did little raise and real aggressos of the table shoved all-in as in so many hands before. I called and he had A 2 off. But he hit 2 on flop and I hit nada and out I went.

MicroMillion-002: $1+R NL Hold´em [3xTurbo, $150K Gtd]
This one started little weird since most of the table was sitting out. Played 3 handed and were taking chips from guys sitting out. Then one of guys decided he wanna steal my blinds every round. That made it possible for me to make nice headway and I survived until add-on, after add-on was sitting with 44K chips. There was not much happening after add-on I was chilling and waiting my time. Then it came in form of A 7 suited checked to my BB and flop was 7 5 8 with 2 diamonds like my A 7, so habby having top pair with top kicker and nut flush draw blids were allready 800/1600. I knew this was my time to earn some chips. I shoved (I know maybe shouldn´t have) 2 callers. One with K high flushdraw (dominated) and other with T J off. I knew then that I got this, well I did until turn 9 but still I was hoping that one diamond but never came and out I was again.
Really actually enjoyed the fast pace of these crazy hyper active insanity turbos. Gonna play some more of these for suuuuuure.