Day of bad beats started with kinda regular my AA vs villains KK all-in preflop. I did my happy dance and started watching cards come. All perfect until the very UGLY K on the river. 8$ lost took it quite calm and relaxed (NOT).


Few minutes passed and was taking it easy when sitting on BB and was called to me with my 8 J off. I checked and saw this cute little flop come 9 T Q rainbow, I thought well this looks pretty nice. I raised little, next guy raised little more and 3rd guy called and I ofcourse shoved (prolly bad bad play). 1st guy call, 2nd guy call and there we go. I see their cards 1st TT so need full house or quads (not worried) 2nd guy 9 K ( I was wondering if he is crazy with his gutshot). so no pair on board or miracle J. I did my +30$ pot dance and turn was 2 and dance just got better and then BOOOOOOM the GUTSHOT miracle J and bye bye chips and dance.

Then I found myself grinding in 90 player STG KO 1.50$ and was doing good, one KO and climbing up the chips. Then opportunity strikes KK and I do preflop raise next guy all-in, and the next and also the chipleader. I was getting little shaky but I knew my KK was good. I ofc call. first guy small pair, 2nd guy AK and chipleader A T. Ofc at this point I was doing my whoop whoop dance with upcomig chiplead in mind and flop comes K J 6. SET ON THE FLOP woop woop I didn´t even pay attention to chipleaders Miracle Gutshot. and turn comes BOOOOM the Q and my chiplead had changed into BUSTO GRANDE.

That was last game of that day. But then revelation hit me. 

 I have used all my bad beats for long time and now MicroMillions is coming. So trust you me. I will be on fire in there. If you see me RUN RUN until you can´t run no more. See you at the tables