Like said before I DO NOT like turbo tournaments. These last 2 turbo tournaments tho might have made me see the light.

On latest WBCOOP turbo did great and just yesterday was playing SundaySplash (3xturbo) wich should be total death to me. I mean chips are usually flying all over the place. 

and usually away from me. But hold on to your seats I made to top 1000 from 14 000 players, Imagine that. There I was babbling to myself that I like this event. Even actually scored, whopping (for me) 18,72$. Does this mean that I must play more turbos?? It is just sooooo scary for me. I mean this is how I look when I play turbo (actual pic take during SundaySpark) 

That can´t be healthy amount of panic while playing???