Just today, i believe, April 26 2011 around 1pm there is a "Forced Cashout" underway. 
**T$ has been converted to cash. 3 options available for cash outs: Wire Transfer, Echeck, DIRECT BANK TRANSER (FPP's have not, as of right now, been settled as to how players can redeem them)**
more info on 2+2 legislation forum--thread: new cashout option available

Pretty sad and also pretty weird. 
This forced cashout, to me, makes it seem like US players will not be able to play on PS for Real Money at all in the future. Speculation--US Poker Sites will be underway, which probably will not even be comparable in the services that PS has provided for us. 

Sad news and also good for those wanting to see their money, but i truly did believe US players would have another chance to play on this site. 

With that said, however, I do believe that there will be another Poker BOOM. 
  • So as of now, as far as preparing for this boom...I've built my Play Money BR to 46k--really not impressive considering how these play money players play poker.
  • I picked up a copy of Dusty Schmidt's Don't Listen to Phil Hellmuth--haven't read it yet, but im hoping it'll be a good read.
  • Also, i'm going to take the time to study more poker--browsing online forums, sweating other players, & of course excited to see the new course by Dave next week "Dealing With Agression."
In conclusion, I hope i've given you guys some leads on this cashout issue and really hope i'll see you guys when the next poker boom occurs.

Take Care