Highlight of the Week
  • Won a seat to SCOOP 26 [L]
Made some more ITM and FT finishes the past week (i think total ~20+% according to OPR if that means anything). The big highlight of course is winning seat to the SCOOP EVENT 26 LOW which has a $11 BI and a PP $100k GTD. I played a $.25c satty to it--awarding 27seats/371runners. The past week i was playing pretty nitty so i was lucky enough to place high enough so that when the bubble came I didn't have to risk my stack.

The event is about a month from now (May 17-18, 2day event) and im still not sure if i'll play it or not. Definately do not know what will happen at that time, but if i do unregister well i'll have T$11--which i consider winnings for the week(Also considering about grinding sattys for T$). So i think i made around +$15.00 the past week--so pretty good week i think considering i never really dropped down.

Late last week i did get burnt out so i eased up on play and took the down time to watch some online players play some main events & read some pages out of "Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time". I was glad i did because it helped make my mistakes much more apparent--such as pot control, aggression, & overall just reading deeper into certain situations. I also ran into a couple other players that just outplayed me--so i was glad that happened as i was able to pick up some moves. Also got leatherass betted...LOL its probably like the 3rd time it has happened to me. Well at least i took note of who does it. 

So with that in mind i decided to change my game up today because i wasn't satisfied with how tight i was playing the past week. I focused on a 45man SNG and overall the themes were, of course, taking advantage of favorable situations, but i wanted to kick up the aggression. Luckily i played against some passive players so then i did some more 3-betting, squeezing, 4-betting, overbetting pots, & jamming--essentially using fold equity. I did get crippled twice--once from a suckout and the other just getting outplayed (1 time Early Stage & the other time in Late Stage). It wasn't too bad because i was able to bounce back and relentlessly exploit weaker players. i was pretty disgusted at myself for exploiting these guys--but of course not disgusted enough to prevent me from continuing to do so. Overall, it went well and when i made it to top 3 at the FT i had to go (late for class) so i just started shoving---pretty unfortunate because the other 2 guys were playing so tight i probably could've won it. 

Overall, it was fun playing a little Laggy--it was like playing 6max on a FR table. Cool to mix it up and not play so tight like i was at the looser 360man SNGs the past week. I may ease up on play time this week due to certain circumstances, but I'd like to keep building my BR and make the games i do play count. In regards to what i learned the past week i hope i can make better play habitual and just evolve as a player. 

I really hope all you guys are progressing as poker players and as people.

Take Care.