Like I mentioned previously, this quarter allows me to put way more hours in for poker. 
I think i started with around ~$5 from after that $0.02c 990man hyper turbo win.

  1. Monday 3/28:  5th=$2.20
  2. Tuesday 3/29: 3rd=$4.00
  3. Wednesday: 2nd=$6.00
  4. Monday 4/4: 3rd=$4.00, 5th=$1.00
So I've been focusing on the [360man turbo $0.10c SNGs] last week. The 5th place one i got today is a different payout since its from a [$0.25c 45man SNG]--Just tried one today and placed in the FT. I think i might switch over to playing these $.25c SNGs because the structure is better and the small field makes it easier to recognize player tendencies....and of course less craziness. Also i am now rolled for them having more than 60BI.  Sadly the NAPL tourneys are no longer available for who knows how long. Also, when i can i try to get in on some of the Facebook Poker League tourneys & perhaps try out those Game of Your Life sattys. 

Overall, i can see some improvement in my play but of course i still make mistakes. On 3/27 SUN i remember i totally butchered a was so bad that i was determined to do better the week i officially begin. I played decent last THURS & FRI, but not so well so i took a break on Saturday and did nothing poker related. Instead i had a girls night out and danced the night away. lolwut?

TILT. It's disheartening to read the blogs here filled with bad beat stories...Lets face it we all experience them. Ever since i started playing more and especially the [360man turbo $0.10c SNGs] i was see some really REALLY gross stuff. The only thing i can say that i hope helps you guys is...Just take a note of players who do something out of line. Don't let their gross suckouts affect your play negatively & hopefully if you're like me you'll be on the better side of some lucky suckouts. Learn to laugh at the disgustingness. 

That pretty much sums up my last week and its pretty much what i plan on doing--Keep playing these micro SNGs reach $100 by the end of this month. Heck maybe i'll get a deep finish in the Facebook Poker League Tourney to get a quick boost...

As far as more poker study goes...I read that a PSO member guessed TheLangolier's avatar correctly--so congrats to him/her. And luckily for us we will have a future Live Training to look forward to. Also i just found out some guys here at the PSO have a weekly Poker Study on Saturdays on Ventrilo--So I'll be checking that out for sure. I found out about it after reading JDean's Blog. 

Take Care & Good Luck Guys