So, a few hours ago I attended the Live Training Session which was a replayer of Dave’s(TheLangolier) NLHE cash games (6max). The lesson was informative as usual and in it he mentioned something I remember him saying in a previous lesson. Mr. Dave used a technique which was mentioned by Dusty Schmidt(you have no idea how many times I misspell that last name). I was intrigued by who he was and I was able to get a hold of the book that Dave has mentioned—Treat your Poker like a Business.  

My 7:40am class is cancelled tomorrow so I decided to read a few chapters before I head to sleep. Honestly, so far this is already my favorite poker book. Yes, I haven’t read many but for me this book is just so much more relatable than Greenstein’s, Brunson’s, or Sklansky’s book. I am just enjoying the way this book is presented. Perhaps the business aspect is appealing since I am a business student and I feel like I actually have a real world application now. 

As far as play time goes, I’ve mentioned previously that I can’t see myself playing consistently until April-due to the ending of this school quarter and the dreaded finals week. Fortunately for me poker has actually increased my efficiency in all aspects of my life. I have a much easier time balancing my schedule and completing tasks knowing that I have something to look forward to—poker.

Due to the lack of playtime, I have filled the void by increasing my time learning: reading books, articles, forums, watching live training and playing play money—unfortunately, not the PSO because currently I can not dedicate consecutive hours unless it is a weekend. However, this will change next quarter as I have a schedule that is easier to manipulate & suitable for incorporating more playtime.

Treat your Poker as a Business has some great pointers so far, so in the upcoming Blog Entries I’ll be posting my plan for the upcoming months and hopefully other things that I've learned that you can learn from too.