Well, at least now I know what NOT TO DO when playing in the PSO tourneys...LOL

Definately made some hardcore mistakes, which I even knew before i made them... WOW
Im honestly glad I took this butt kicking--now time to review and learn from it. 

So far this week has been pretty busy for me. With finals coming up and a lot of other projects I haven't had enough time for entering many PSO tourneys. But I've managed to get some poker time in; I have attended the Live Training Sessions earlier this week and have been reading some poker books during my breaks at school. Even if you're not into reading poker books, it really can't hurt to be exposed to other peoples' thought processes. 

Gonna register for the Live Training Sessions on the weekends and play more for the experience in the upcoming PSO tourneys in this final week of February. Looking forward for the Satellite Play lesson and i can definately read some more on other strategies in general. 

What am I looking forward to in the upcoming months(specifically April-)? More playtime. 
Going to have a more flexible school schedule so i'll be able to dive deeper into poker. Also looking into the NAPL freerolls. I want to try to win as many ITM in these freeroll tourneys and try to place high on both of the leaderboards. Then from there use that money for cash ring games, but moreso SNGs. Money Goal? 3k by summer--got to pay for summer school right? 

Man this blogging thing feels great. Very therapeutic...
Go ahead, call me gay.