I just won $0.03c HELL YEAH!!!
Pretty proud that i finally made it ITM in my 5th tourney. Hopefully from now i can consistently land ITM.
So what have I learned?
  1. Be Patient: Probably the biggest factor in these tourneys I believe. 
  2. Know who you're playing: Take notes/color code & check their leaderboard stats
  3. It isn't over 'til its over: Doesn't matter if you're about to get blinded out, you still have a chance.
  4. Use your resources: The learning material here/live training/ tools
  5. Relax & Have Fun:....not

Overall, this time I was more at ease, used to the way things worked, and very very patient.
Patience paid off especially when i was ITM at $0.01 and was able to squeeze out unti 45th place which is the cutoff for that extra $0.02c. 

Im still lagging in finding a comfy chip position. Rarely am i actually in a pot Post-Flop situation due to the fact that im in <10BB mode shove/fold. Sadly my 1st hand i was dealt AQo on BB, but i folded it because there was an AI push from the CO and 1 caller. So i thought my hand was probably not as strong. However they turn up KJ and A7....wtf?? and the board oh god 8KAAQ...3k in the pot, but i didnt know these guys that well and it was the 1st hand so oh well. 

However, the flops that i did play i felt as though i played them pretty well. I think i only lost one because i got a freebie when i was in the BB with bad cards and just folded to the 1st bet. 

Me in a flop:
Im in CO with KK, blinds are still low so i have so room to bet 4xBB
We have 1 limper from MP, So i reraise 4x20+1limper=100. Button calls, and previous limper calls
I think ok, maybe mid pocket pairs? or they are hiding they're strength? 
FLOP*** 2c 2h 4h
Original MP limper leads with bet a 100bet pot=330 so 1/3rdish of pot bet
Im thinking ok no way he hit quads or a set or fullhouse..Why? he'd at least check and have me cbet
So i reraise to 260. Button folds. and original better Folds
Small hand but i was glad that i was able to win the pot by thinking smart.... i hope.

New Experiences:
Lol i remember being BB and being dealt AK
But everyone folded to me....got nothing for that lol

Also i remember being moved to a lot of different tables, so that was new and neat; I ended up with some really cool people at the end. Some names manontham00n,bdog,seagull_2005. seagull was pretty informative and helped me realized that its not over until its over. I remember him being forced AI and his hand was KK lol wow and he ended up doubling up--i think he actually made it pretty far i think <20. manontham00n was also a smart player and it was also cool to see a top leaderboard player at the table. 

I remember earlier i had AK i believe UTG or UTG+1 so i do a standard raise. I get reraised for more than 1/3 my stack so i shove AI. It was a relief to see villain also had AK lol. AKvsAK was a 1st for me. 

My Luck:
I definately got lucky in this tourney as well, especially near the end when i went from $.01c ITM to $.03c.
I definately ran the clock out a bit more and i was able to double with crazy hands right when i was forced AI.

Other example
Also i remember being <10BB and being dealt AdJc in SB (125/250)+Ante
Button raises to BB. Whats his range? face card + rags maybe, connectors?, 1-gapers?
TO me i have to instashove this i only have 2.2k and him having 7.8k he may just call me and i can double up.
He turns over KdJd, so at this point im liking where i stand
FLOP: Kc 9c 10h Im thinking This sucks. Im done; watch he'll even hit a Q.
TURN: 4c Yep his K pair is good
RIVER: 8c.....Ugh well i tried. Then the pot slides to me & i was like WTF!? Oh i made flush-- cool....... F*** YEAH

Overall, very fun. Also want to thank Mr. Dave (TheLangolier) who is the Live Training trainer and who is also very helpful. Looking forward to the future lessons. Especially Note taking.

JUST DISCOVERED (during this tourney) you can change the color of the noted players--just click the yellow box and choose another color---wow.....better late than never

I read BUDA505's?? blog here and he referred to Play to Live(red), Live to Play(yellow), & Play to Play(green) players so that is the color coded system i used in this tourney. Hopefully I'll learn more in Dave's Live Training tomorrow and can share more info. 

The tourneys are fun so My goal is to make more ITM cashes place in <200 leaderboards since im not active and want that free money to play Micro Limit cash ring games, then from there play sit n go's.
I'll have to practice some of my post flop play so ill be playing play money as well. 
See ya later.