I was at 4375chips at the stage 13 (600/1200+ 125?ante)  
I was UTG with Ad4d so i shoved AI, best hand in a long time 
Got called by the chip leader of the tourney with his QJ
*** RIVER *** [3c 3d 9d 8s] [Js]

I placed 154th(1376entrants); which is better than my 1st tourney last week which was around 330place.

Overall, i made very few mistakes and i was not involved in many hands--mostly due because i was in shove/fold mode throughout. Definately got lucky and was able to double up or triple up. 
I remember one hand my 10s vs AK and was able to hit a 10 on the flop. phew. 
Also A10 vs AJ and was able to hit another 10 on the flop and nothing higher than that. 

One mistake i really remember was not shoving with AsJd but there were 2 AI'ers. AK vs 10s. i guess good fold maybe but too bad i had to see AJ on the board, knowing i would have had the best hand, and knowing that i could have been in a comfy chip position; but i didnt shove it so...meh. 

My major mistake was at the last minute i should of been more patient and waited for a better hand so that i could at place ITM. I probably should just have no shame in being blinded out--could of made .01c....oh well.

It was neat to have the top 2 tourney leaders at my table and it was cute to see an argument at the table ending in high fashion. 

Im just glad im getting in some experience/getting used to the software and i am starting to habitualize the lessons ive learned.
I also want to thank Mr. Dave for the Live Training which is very informative and his MTT lesson really helped. I was able to use his advice and as a result i placed higher. Feels good man.

I plan on watching some of the live training that will take place this weekend and also play in a few tourneys. Overall, I am aiming to strengthen my basic skills and in the next couple months be able to win money to use for cash games and become an active member.