First time participating in a Tourney
Result 332nd out of 1505 entrants

Last hand i was SB with i think Ax vs BB (other small stack same amount of chips) 
Flop- all clubs but i pulled top pair on flop
Went AI to put pressure on BB and maybe double then have other guy knocked out by blind next orbit.
He calls Then hits his needed club on river

Overall, i was doing ok at the start.
After break, my biggest mistake was my top pair AQ(Button) vs 54(BB)
everyone folds to me, forget what stage it was & how much i raised
My fault for getting sucked in though
After that i was barely surviving getting marginal Ax hands right before getting blinded out by BB and luckily doubling up. Probably happened 4times---running low right before being blinded out then doubling up barely enough to survive the next round
I was bound to go out sooner or later, but overall not too bad considering i didnt really use any of the lessons ive learned---so now i can only improve

Now it is time to post all my references/lessons on my corkboard behind my laptop so I can refer to them and learn it through pratice and eventually by heart. Then i should be less noobish and more comfortable/confident in my play---overall, neat experience