...To be honest I didn't know; so i Google'd "Roots Levi" and found it out to be an actual celebrity (under the name Levi Roots). Pretty fitting name actually--well, if you knew what i looked like...Nope, I'm not Black. Good guess though.

So Why Am I Blogging?
  1. To Track my Progress
  2. To, one day, be a source of inspiration and knowledge for other poker players
Who am I to be a source of inspiration? Well, as of now...nobody. 
I'm just a 20yr old attending his 3rd year in business school and dreaming to make poker an integral part of my life.

During January of this year, I was drawn to poker really out of nowhere. I had no experience and no previous interest in it what so ever. I randomly asked a good friend to show me how to play and ever since then I've been thinking about Poker everyday. 

I started off the 1st month playing NLHE play money on facebook (the same friend told me you can play games on that thing--who knew?) and soon enough I built 8k to around 240k. Nothing really impressive since competition was...well--retarded. I've been reading articles, forums, & blogs during my 1st month (pokerdropout & even andrew "foucault" brokos's blog--just found out he joined team pokerstars online, pretty cool) and it was hard to practice what i've learned on a less than serious crowd. 

So that is why I am here now at Pokerstars. I'm very glad that I found this resource relatively early and I am just surprised that there is a pokerschool. I just love all the course readings, quizzes, & sort of graduation process--weird, considering that business school has the same structure yet it is not nearly as appealing. 

At first I was strictly drawn to the mass amounts of profit people were making, but poker has been stimulating my intellect moreso than business school and I can't wait to put lessons into practice. 

So what are my goals? Well, to participate in the PSO freerolls, try to place ITM, & high on the leaderboards. Then use that money build a consistent bankroll. 

Until then, thanks for reading and hopefully in the near future I'll have more to contribute.
Thanks PSO community.