I told my girlfriend I was going to play in a $4 180 man tourney today, so I am. Currently 7 players left. We are all pretty evenly matched in chips. I mean, no one is really more then one half decent hand from the lead. Will fill you you in when I am done with the tourney. Ok, finished in 4th place. Took forever I tell you. Won like $57 ..... not bad off of $4.40 investment. Considering doing some staking on PartTimePoker but this is my thoughts .... are the people I am staking any better then I am? If I take that money an play the games can I get a better ROI ?? Or is this when I am suppose to say .. "let others do the work for you, take a smaller profit but have more of them working for you" ... we will see. I also have similiar issues with getting staked. My BR is large enough to handle the games I am playing so do I really need to split the profits with someone else? Unfortunately I dont see any advantage to me getting staked for the current games I am playing in.