About half way through the month. Ok. Kind of an update. I have been focusing on 90 man SNGs. $2.20 buy in. I play upto 4 at a time. I haven't done too bad so far. That all being relative I guess. http://officialpokerrankings.com/pokerstars/RooMoni/poker/results/FD09CF50FD7842AE9CD71FB7F65E5A7D.html?t=2 There is my link to the OPR site. Basically its says the following: ROI = 56% ITM = 19/98 (19%) Current BR= $117.35 My goal is to work my BR up to $250 before the end of Jul. I have also been looking into getting staked on PTP. Its an interesting thought. Would rather get enough that I can start staking others.